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sustainable agriculture device

We are convinced iot for smart green cities should be made accessible to all. We develop affordable and innovative solutions, user-friendly including connected smart devices and applications helping cities to transition to green. 


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sustainable agriculture device

Cities account for 70% of global CO2 emissions, smart solutions are required  to transition to sustainable economic activity, lower energy consumption and maximize positive environmental impact. Lumbara is a set of green solutions to manage green areas and parks, monitors water quality.

  • Lumbara Ambiental : save energy and water for green areas, floral decorations , shrubs
  • Lumbara AquaControl : detects water leakage and measures actual water consumption
  • Lumbara Aquaris : monitors water quality in public wells , fountains and lakes


Customer support | Integration with third-party products | Custom devices and solutions | Consultancy


Our services will help you to maximize the benefits of your past and new investments, to fill the feature gap of  the products off-the shelves. 

  • Would you like to integrate Teraseya or Lumbara with your current technical infrastructure ?It is likely doable. Our service team will handle it.

  • You did not find the specific device you are looking for? You are missing a piece of the puzzle? We certainly can help developping quickly and in a cost-effective manner new sensing capabilities.

  • You are not sure from where to start? Your specifications do not match any product off-the-shelves? Contact us !
sustainable agriculture device


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