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IoT for green

Digital Agriculture | Smart Green Cities

Frontier Connect: your reliable partner

sustainable agriculture device

We are convinced digital agriculture, and iot for smart green cities should be made accessible to all. We develop affordable and innovative solutions, user-friendly including connected smart devices and applications helping farmers to get the best from digital agriculture and supporting cities transition to green. 


All In One solution for Precision Agriculture

Increase yield and crop quality, reduce inputs and save money with Teraseya: an affordable all-in-one Precision Agriculture Solution.

  • High quality sensors , carefully calibrated , collect the accurate field data to take informed decisions
  • Plug and play devices , compatible with any kind of wireless network .designed for harsh conditions
  • Integrated with Teraseya app, the integration with your existing software solution is possible on demand
  • Software addons for Nutrition, Pest, Irrigation management.
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Supporting green | Smart cities

sustainable agriculture device

Cities account for 70% of global CO2 emissions, smart solutions are required  to transition to sustainable economic activity, lower energy consumption and maximize positive environmental impact. Lumbara is a set of green solutions to manage green areas and parks, monitors water quality.

  • Lumbara Ambiental : save energy and water for green areas, floral decorations , shrubs
  • Lumbara AquaControl : detects water leakage and measures actual water consumption
  • Lumbara Aquaris : monitors water quality in public wells , fountains and lakes


Customer support | Integration with third-party products | Custom devices and solutions | Consultancy


Our services will help you to maximize the benefits of your past and new investments, to fill the feature gap of  the products off-the shelves. 

  • Would you like to integrate Teraseya or Lumbara with your current technical infrastructure ?It is likely doable. Our service team will handle it.

  • You did not find the specific device you are looking for? You are missing a piece of the puzzle? We certainly can help, since 2017 we have developed iOla IoT framework, a technical framework connecting sensors to cloud processing, iOla is the foundation of Teraseya and Lumbara portfolio and a fantastic tool to develop quickly and in a cost-effective manner new sensing capabilities. Contact us!

  • You are not sure from where to start? Your specifications do not match any product off-the-shelves? Contact us !
sustainable agriculture device


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